2016 So Far…

We rang in 2016 with some wonderful friends in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe it was the heat. Maybe it was the great conversation. Maybe it was the gin(!). This year I decided that for the first time in a long time I would make a New Years resolution. Nothing life changing, but hopefully life enriching. For the 12 months of 2016 (my final 12 months in Beijing) I would try or experience one new thing each month. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. I just needed to be mindful to make sure I collected 12 new experiences. Here’s how I’m doing so far…

January: The Yoga Yard

A colleague had recommended taking a class there for months and I’d still not managed to make it. Despite it being a 10min walk from my apartment. One freezing cold Sunday evening found me realising how bad my form and flexibility had become without regular classes since I left London. I’m glad I tried it. And whilst I’ve incorporated yoga moves into my gym routine, I’ve decided to wait before I go back to regular yoga classes. 

February: Singapore & Pyongyang

I was lucky enough to for in two incredible new countries into one short month. Singapore was a wonderful break from the Beijing winter. Beautiful weather, lovely people, great food – just what the doctor ordered!

It wasn’t all just play!

Pyongyang. There aren’t enough words to describe the experience. To finally visit a place so closed to the world, which the world is so fascinated by deserves its own blog post (don’t worry it’s not too far away). 

Pyongyang Pagodas


March: Beijing – As a Tourist

March brought my father to Beijing to visit us for the first time since we left London. I got to finally see the tourist hot spots is so far missed out on including the Forbidden City and Lama Temple. 


Tallest Sandalwood Buddha


April: Picturesque Portsmouth

A friend’s wedding allowed me to visit this coastal city for the first time. Charming architecture, historical buildings, the ocean and a beautiful wedding made it memorable. 


Sunday Morning Stroll


May: Shanghai & Tokyo

Another month that made me feel blessed. I was lucky enough to visit two cities I’ve been dying to visit since we arrived in China. We walked all over both places, are some stand out food and got a taste of two very different Asian cities. There was such dynamism and character in both places, I can’t wait to explore them further at some point. 

Even the rain couldn’t dampen my excitement at the Bund

 The izakaya where they filmed a sequence for Kill Bill  

June: Pandas!

I finally made it to Chengdu! And the pandas were adorable! 

I also got to see the giant Buddha in Laoshan and get a taste of some serious Sichuan chilli!


200+ Steps to the top!

& that’s the story so far… I can’t wait for the rest of the year!