How to get back in the game

Well, I don’t really know how, I just know I must!

As you may have read in my previous post, a little over ten years ago I embarked on what became a complete overhaul of the way I ate and lived my life.  I went from eating junk on the go (if I ate at all) and never moving to good wholesome food and multiple gym hours a week.

That was ten years ago. ¬†Since then a lot of things have changed. ¬†For one, I no longer live in London (& I’m no longer single). ¬†On the surface that shouldn’t make too much of an impact, I’ve travelled a lot for work and always managed to modify my routine to make it work. ¬†I never thought actually moving to a new city would be any different. ¬†Turns out I was wrong…


My favourite act of revenge on my favourite trainer!

The past year has been a whirlwind of work, travel, wedding planning & getting married! All challenging and exciting, but not great for routine. ¬†But I’m adaptable, and whilst I no longer feel the need to continuously watch what I eat when I’m away, I do ensure that I workout. ¬†Whilst ¬†in London¬†I rejoined my gym and made sure that we chose hotels with gym facilities for our other trips. ¬†This fastidiousness when away was not always mirrored at home. ¬†We’re now at the end of the year and for the first time since joining a gym, my membership has lapsed and I have no regular routine. ¬†I’m out of the game… & I’m not happy about it.


My workout essentials wherever I train

So what do I do?! ¬†I need a plan of action – I need help making one! ¬†I need some inspiration. ¬†I’ve been here over a year now and I’ve yet to find what works for me in terms of a fitness regime. ¬†With air pollution forcing most of us inside, gym culture is becoming huge in Beijing, but I’ve yet to find the perfect gym fit for me.¬†The few I have sampled¬†were¬†in the basement with no natural light and limited air purifiers,¬†filled with people on their phones in full selfie mode, or in the case of one, had a guy¬†smoking whilst walking on the treadmill!


The 1st gym I joined in Beijing – no odd behaviour, but also no daylight

Perhaps it’s time to try other options Beijing has on offer? ¬†In the birthplace of Tai Chi, maybe this is the way forward. ¬†Almost every park and most open spaces can find people practicing this gentle art of movement early in the mornings. ¬†The evenings see them make way for line dancing and ballroom dancing groups swaying to the sound of Communist folk tunes. ¬†The Chinese government encourages fitness for all and has constructed ‘National Fitness Paths’ with simple fitness facilities in open spaces. ¬†A more unusual Chinese fitness trend that emerged this year is crawling. ¬†Yes, crawling! Beijingers of all ages can be seen crawling on the their hands and feet through the city’s parks. ¬†It is claimed that the light exercise is good for the spine and back muscles. ¬†It stems from a¬†2000 year old¬†Chinese medical practice¬†dating back to¬†the Han Dynasty. ¬†I don’t think that last one is for me! ¬†But what is?

How can I get back into the game?!?  Any suggestions?